Coastal Powder Coat Sample Price List

Certified Prismatic Powder Coater

All prices include abrasive blasting, thread masking, or any other preparations needed. Parts are to be free of any plastics, rubber, bearings, grease, oil and any excessive dirt.

Prices are for a single stage coating using one of our stock colors which would include: black, white, silver and bronze. Special order colors will incur an additional cost.

Clear coat is required over all chromes, metallics, illusions and certain other colors. Clear coating is a 50% additional cost. Multi stage coatings incur an additional 50% cost as well.

We offer a 1 year warranty on cracking, peeling or flaking if the part is new in house or brought to us new. For used parts, there is a 6 month warranty. We cannot warranty any type of cast part.

Set up price $55

Car Parts

Lower A-arms $92-$129
Upper A-arms $74-$100
Air Cleaner $30-$76
Battery Tray $30-$40
Brake Calipers $80-$120
Brake Drums $40-$60
Bumpers $95-$400
Brush Guards $175-$450
Coil Springs Pair $80-$120
Cross Members $45-$130
Engine Blocks (bare) $300-$500
Valve Covers $80-$150
Wheels (per wheel) $80-$200
(Tires must be removed before brought to us and or bearings removed)

Outdoor Furniture

Round Table (40”) $80-$100
Side Chair $55-$75
Arm Chair $60-$90
Sun Bench $95-$125
Bar Stool $70-$85
2 Person Glider $110-$130
Bicycle Frames $75-$159

Industrial Type Jobs

Hand Rails $10 per foot
Sheet Metal $5 per foot
Expanded Metal $13 per foot
Tubing Up To 6” DIA $5 per foot
Tubing Over 6” DIA $7 per foot

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